Shruti Sharma Interview – IAS Shruti Sharma, Topper 2021 AIR-1

Shruti Sharma Interview

UPSC Topper Shruti Sharma Interview (AIR 1)

Shruti Sharma UPSC (AIR 1) – IAS Topper 2021

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope your UPSC preparation is going well. As we all know, the UPSC exam is difficult but not so complex that we cannot clear it. It is said that when a person desperately wants something, then the whole universe works to make him meet him. never give up in life. just make your dream your focus.
just keep at it one day you will make your dream come true. You need to be motivated every day during the UPSC exam. We often get motivated by watching videos on youtube. This is not the real motivation. we should make small targets daily to stay motivated. when we will complete the target made by ourselves. then we will be motivated, this is the real motivation that lasts for a long-time with aspirants.
In this article, we will tell you about the most important points and their strategy from the interview given by UPSC topper Shruti Sharma Air 1 (2021).
UPSC Topper 2021 Background
Name Shruti Sharma
Gender Female
UPSC Exam Year 2021
Age  26
Number of Attempts 2
Educational Background Graduation in History
ALL India Rank 1 – First
Marks in Personality Test 173
Mains 932
Total Marks 1105
Native Place Bijnor, Uttar Pardesh
Optional Subject History
Graduation University  JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

All the points given below are taken from Shruti Sharma Interview

Shruti Sharma Interview
Shruti Sharma Interview (AIR 1) – IAS Topper 2021

Shruti Sharma said in an interview:-

  • You make your strategy in three parts.

    1.Prelims 2. Mains 3. Interview

  • I used polity for Prelims & Mains.
  • For Economy, I used class notes.
  • Stay on only one Material.
  • If a person does not have basic knowledge then he/she read 11-12 NCERT’S.
  • For Modern History I used Spectrum.
  • For Ancient & Medival – R.S Sharma Ncert.
  • For Geography – 11&12 Ncerts and Use (6 -10) Ncerts for basic understanding.
  • For Art & Culture – 9th class Ncert’s
  • For Science & Technology – Go through the Ncert’s, previous question paper.
  • For Current Affairs – Some Aspirants read only monthly Current Affairs and make their notes, but some read-only prelims compilation with class notes.
  • Before preparing for any subject, please review the previous year’s question paper. Revise 10-15 years of previous question papers and make 1-2 important short-page notes. keep your notes less.

For Mains

  • You have command of basic books. Revise basic books 2-3 times necessary for prelims. Again and again revision, we are boring but we must need to revise again and again.
  • Look at the syllabus and previous question paper. Before preparing any subject you must go through the syllabus and the previous year’s question paper select important keywords, note them, and then go to the preparation.
  • it is most important to keep your syllabus in mind, and then read books & topics.
  • Read News Paper with news analysis. Make only compressed notes from the newspaper.

For Interview

  • Fill out your DAF(Detailed Application Form) carefully. Select keywords from DAF prepare questions on that keyword and write good answers. Read mostly 2 newspapers.
  • Before 3 months of prelims prepare for only prelims and join test series in high numbers. After giving the test series note down the topics that you have wrong answers, prepare well these topics, and revise before the prelims.

One Thing Is Always Rember

👉 Every Thing is Different For Every Person 

  • Interrelate class notes with whatever you read together.

Make Plan For Everything

  • Guidance plays an important role in preparation.
  • Carefully search whatever material you read and then no need for some new book or new material you can add any topics or news, and add only the basis of the syllabus.
  • Trust and follow only one material. Please choose your study material well and stick to it.
  • Make your own notes, do not follow the topper’s notes, you only see that have topper prepares their notes. When you make your own notes, it helps to remember things easily.
  • Make points notes with diagram and flow chart. Don’t assume that someone else will understand your notes, it’s only understood by you.
  • Shruti said that I think M-Laxmikanth notes are not necessary.

Optional Subject

  • The most important thing is to find your interest that which subject you like more and then select your optional subject. Do not follow any toppers subject who get high marks in optional. Make your own interest in an optional subject.
  • Generally, choose your optional subject on the basis of your graduation. And also make sure that the material is available for the subject you have chosen or not.
  • It is important to have a good mentor during preparation.


  • Do more practice. Use quotes.
  • Negative thoughts come in the mind of every topper but you have to keep studying continuously.
  • To stay motivated you need to make a daily base plan and completely follow and you need a good study environment.

Shruti Sharma told some more important things:-

  • You don’t need to show anyone that I am studying for 8 hours. You will know what your goal is and what you will prepare for that day.
  • Be honest with yourself. Be stuck on one source.
  • I didn’t go through The Economy by R.S Sharma and Art and Culture by  Nitin Singhania. I use Ncert for Art and Culture
  • I did not make notes from a newspaper, if I found any topic important, then I used to make notes on some topics from different sources.

Important Thing

Syllabus 👉 Previous year paper 👉 Book


  • You have 5 months (August – December), and in these months you must prepare all three parts.
  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Optional, Side-by-side
  • Divide your daytime for Prelims, Mains, and Optional.
  • Three months before the Prelims exam, prepare only for prelims.

Note:- All the above points are taken from Shruti Sharma’s interview.

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