Kanishak Kataria IAS – Kanishak Kataria interview AIR 1 2018

Kanishak Kataria IAS

Kanishak Kataria IAS – Kanishak Kataria interview AIR 1 2019

Kanishak Kataria IAS: was a good student from starting. He secured 96% marks in the 12th class and 94% marks in the 10th class. After school, he secured the 44th rank in IIT JEE. He went to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay to complete his B.Tech in computer science. Kanishak Kataria started his career as a data scientist in South Korea with the renowned electronic company Samsung.
After a few years, he left his job and returned to India. And Joined an American startup company in Bengaluru. Kanishak Kataria was earning a very good salary from this job but he decided to quit the job and prepare for the UPSC exam.
Kanishak Kataria IAS
                            Kanishak Kataria IAS – Kanishak Kataria interview AIR 1 2019

Kanishak Kataria IAS was so focused on clearing UPSC the exam that he decided to leave his high-paying job and succeeded in securing all India rank 1 in 2018. Kanishak Kataria studied at a coaching centre in Delhi for a few months and then went to Kota for self-study. His hard work finally paid off when he secured All India Rank 1 in 2018 and became an IAS officer.

UPSC Topper 2021 Background
Name Kanishak Kataria
Gender Male
UPSC Exam Year 2018
Age of Exam Pass 26
Number of Attempts First
Educational Background B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, 
ALL India Rank 1 – First
Marks in Personality Test 179
Mains 942
Total Marks 1121
Native Place Jaipur, Rajasthan
Optional Subject Mathematics
Graduation University IIT Bombay

Most Important Points From Kanishak Kataria IAS Interview

Kanishak Kataria IAS said in an interview

  • “Use knowledge of any person according to your needs”.
  • people said before 5th April my method was nothing for everyone, but from 5th April after my result, people said that the Kanishak method was the correct/Right method.
  • Kanishak said, But I believe that your way is the right way.
  • Make your own strategy.

About my life

  • Kanishak said I was never interested in UPSC. I have never been interested in GS paper subjects.
  • Know why you giving this exam.
  • Know everything about the exam
  1. How many phases are there?
  2. Which paper marks are qualified and which paper marks are added?
  3. How many papers are there?
  • In every person’s life, these types of thoughts come where I come, where I stick.
  • Look at the previous year’s question paper.
  • Know about your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

How To Choose Optional

  • Know your interest.
  • Pick up an easy topic or any optional subject and see that is it understandable for you or not.
  • If you select your optional once time then you avoid changing your optional subject, if you change your optional subject, it is a big mistake for you.
  • After selecting your optional one-time then you need to give your 100%.

Strategy to Follow

  • In starting clear your base.
  • Prepare together for Prelims and Mains.
  • 3 months before the prelims exam, prepare only for the Prelims.
  • First, prepare the Optional subject with some time given to Mains also.
  • Optional depends on your rank.
  • When you start your preparation, divide your timetable into Prelims, Mains, and Optional like 50% for Optional, 35% for Mains, and 15% for Prelims. it follows for 3-4 months from your preparation start.
  • After 3-4 months from your preparation give more time to Prelims.
  • Before Prelims preparation, one revision for Optional.
  • Depending on your mind, if you think that you are able to clear prelims then you can clear prelims. UPSC is also a mind game.
  • Prelims is only a qualifying paper. So, you do not need to give more time to prelims.
  • People say that the Engineering background or IIT-in number in UPSC is increasing but that background helps them only in Prelims.

If you clear the Prelims

  • After Prelims, start answer writing practice.
  • After the Prelims you can make a 10-10 days target to finish all subjects and midway through you can go for Test Series.
  • One month from Mains paper stop giving test series because the paper sheets not checked.

Revise More and More

  • 2nd attempt Aspirants take benefits because their revision is more than first attempt aspirants.
  • Do not copy any topper strategy. Every person has different abilities.
  • Do not follow any topper notes. but you can look at that at a time.
  • Coaching centres put everything on their notes and when any question comes from their notes they say that the question comes from my materials, They only make you fool because they do not want you to clear the exam then they make more money.
  • Please do not follow any topper, or any coaching institute blindly. do your own research. make your own strategy.

Kanishak Kataria IAS Book List

  • Look at 3-4 toppers’ books list and list them and then select basic and common books. and then follow your own books list.
  • If any topper said that he refers 4-5 books for any subject, he gives 3-4 attempts. So, it adds books attempt-wise, it is not possible to follow 4-5 books in one year of preparation.
  • Do not follow different online site’s material, choose only what is useful for you.
  • Exams depend on Time Management and study management.
  • Kanishak Katatia said that People think that which notes I make that notes should be perfect, but that is wrong.
  • “Perfection Never Comes”
  • Learn from Failure and Mistakes.
  • UPSC syllabus is never complete.
  • Start answer writing, do not demote.
  • What you read on a day, write answers on that topic on that day.
  • “Everyone Is A Learner”
  • Make your easy timetable, Do planning topic-wise.
“People Who Laughed On You, A Day Coming When You Achieve Your Goal, 
You Think About That A Day Was People Laughed On You”
  • Always ask questions, not blushing.
  • Kanishak Kataria said that when I give test series, I always get 60-65 marks, which are very low, but I Never Demotied, Never Afraid.
  • Do Not Focus on the things which are not in your hands.
  • I give 5-6 Mock Interviews.
  • Three things that motivated you-
  1.  Hard work
  2.  Optimism
  3.  Self Confidence
  • When I took the prelim exam, from starting 20 questions, I did only 2 questions, At that time I was afraid, but I think the paper is tough. And do attempt questions.
  • When I give prelims test series I attempt 40-45 questions.
  • Select an Optional subject in which you give your best.
  • Do not take pressure during preparation.
  • If not happen, then do something else.

Kanishak Kataria IAS told some more important things:-

  • When I saw a topper I didn’t think that I take a selfie with him, but I think that one day I also become like him.
  • When I was preparing, my father told me, that I put AC in my room, but I denied, that one cooler was also available in my room I was not running the cooler also, I just ran the fan at low speed.
  • If any answer you do not know you do not need to be demoted and if most of the answers you know you do not need to be excited, keep calm.
  • If most of the questions are tough you should think that paper is also tough for other students.
  • If you make any mistakes, do not be afraid to try to improve these mistakes. It is also a luck factor.
  • Do not divert.
  • Do not waste your time.
  • Do not waste your opportunity.
  • I thought that if I wasted my opportunity/time on that time I would regret it later.

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Ans: Sonal chauhan

Ques: IAS Kanishak Kataria IAS Age

Ans: 26

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